Access to Capital

Capital is the lifeblood of any business. We help facilitate access to capital through Traditional Debt Financing (Loans); equipment financing; SBA Loan Guarantees; Short-term Financing such as Lines of Credit; or Working Capital; and, Equity Financing. We also provide Financial packaging including alternative sources of capital; financial analysis and planning; Lender/Investor identification; and Bond packaging.

We know that accessing capital is a challenge in growing your business. Our experienced consultants will identify competent sources to assist you with obtaining capital for operations, equipment, real estate, construction, and other financial needs. We will introduce you to loan officers that participate in the Small Business Administration’s loan guarantee program
we will seek out alternative financing as a last resort
We will source expert assistance with valuation, mergers and acquisitions.

Access to Consulting

The Nevada MBDA Business Center provides business consulting services to clients that support their respective business development and capacity-building journey. Besides one-on-one customized consulting and guidance, we offer informative, results-focused services

Our business consultants interact with bankers, financial advisors, sureties, insurance brokers, and financial advisors for the sole purpose of advancing the growth and development of businesses. We have resources available to work toward providing business solutions. Depending on your business needs, let’s have the conversation that will connect you to the best resource.

Capacity Building

We help strengthen your firm’s management, financial and technological capacity creating new capabilities, higher productivity, reduced costs, increased profits, workforce improvement, business expansion, and scalability by providing assistance to:

Increase operational efficiencies;

Increase resources;

Build scale;

Manage risk and increase liability thresholds;

Strengthen management teams;

Increase profits and owner equity;

Provide workshops and seminars;

Access to Opportunities

We help businesses foster and secure new opportunities for your company that result in revenue generation by:

Facilitating increase in sales

Finding and sharing bid opportunities

Access, compete, and secure transactions that lead to financial benefits.

Business-to-business matchmaking services

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