2022 International Trade Resource Training Schedule

International Trade Resource Training

Last Updated: 1/5/22

MBDA has partnered with the International Trade Administration to develop a series of export training sessions that will start this Thursday, January 6th until the end of May, specifically for MBEs. The trainings will take place on the first and third Thursday of every month at 11am Eastern time. Each session will focus on a different topic of support that is available for companies seeking export assistance.

Bi-weekly trainings, 11am Eastern/8am Pacific via Webex Platform – 1 hour duration

Overview of International Trade Administration Structure
Client Counseling Best Practices: Working with ITA to assist MBDA clients:

  • For client services, when to engage with local USEAC?
  • For outreach programs, when to engage with local USEAC vs. overseas office vs. HQ?
  • How to engage with overseas offices?
  • What resources are available at HQ to use for client counseling?
  • How do you navigate Trade.gov website?
  • When can ITA or CS logo be used to co-promote activities?


Global Teams Program

  • What are the Global Teams and how do you engage with them?
  • How do you get on their mailing list/newsletter distribution?
  • E-Commerce Innovation Lab (https://www.trade.gov/ecommerce)
  • What is the E-Commerce Innovation Lab and how do you leverage the resources for client counseling?
  • TEPP Trade Event Partnership Program (https://www.trade.gov/tepp)


Trade Finance Resources:
ITA Office of Finance & Insurance
SBA STEP Program /Community Navigator Program

  • How to access and use STEP funds by state?
  • What is the Community Navigator Program and how do you utilize this to find MBE clients?
  • What trade finance tools does SBA have to help MBEs?
  • Ex-Im Bank MWOB Outreach Programs (https://www.exim.gov/about/special-initiatives/women-minority-owned)
  • What are Ex-Im Bank’s programs and how they decrease risk for international sales?


Trade Mission Submission Process

  • What is the process for certifying trade missions with the International Trade Administration?
  • How can you get support for any initiatives that you initiate with your center

Women’s Initiatives (https://www.trade.gov/womens-global-trade-empowerment)

  • What are some upcoming women’s initiatives for Women’s History Month?
  • What are some key partners that you ITA is working with to support women in international trade?


Introduction to TPCC (Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee) Agencies (https://www.trade.gov/tpcc)

  • When will the next TPCC training?
  • How do MBDA centers find contacts and interact with TPCC agencies?

International Development Resources

  • How are these resources relevant and useful to MBEs?
  • What role does their work play in diaspora communities?

US Agency For International Development https://www.usaid.gov/
International Development Finance Corporation https://www.dfc.gov/
Millennium Challenge Corporation https://www.mcc.gov/
USTDA (https://ustda.gov/ustda-special-initiative/making-global-local/)

  • How can MBEs engage with USTDA for reverse trade missions and feasibility studies for international projects?
  • What is the Making Global Local initiative?

Advocacy Center (https://www.trade.gov/advocacy)

Multi-lateral Development Banks (https://www.trade.gov/advocacy-liaisons-multilateral-development-banks)

  • How does the MBDA centers interact with the Advocacy Center?
  • How do MBDA centers find procurement opportunities for its clients?

Select USA (https://www.selectusa.gov)

  • What is Select USA and what role do they play in attracting foreign investment?
  • What is the annual conference?
  • Is there a role for MBDA Export Centers and Business centers to play with Select USA?


Working with StartUps & Tech Hubs

  • Peer-to-Peer Strategies for Growing and supporting Startup Client Base
  • How can MBDA partner with the US field to assist companies that are startups?
  • What resources are available to assist startups with engaging in international trade?

Census Trade Data (https://usatrade.census.gov/)

  • How can Census data be utilized to support MBEs in exporting?
  • What are some of the tools that Census have for trade data?
  • How is Census conducting outreach to underserved and underrepresented communities?

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights (www.stopfakes.gov)

  • How can MBEs protect their intellectual property?
  • How do MBEs file for trademarks in foreign markets?
  • What is the Madrid Protocol?
  • What resources are available from ITA and USPTO?
  • How do companies take fake/counterfeit items down on Chinese platforms?

Adhering to U.S. Export Control Laws (https://bis.doc.gov/)

  • What is the denied parties’ list?
  • How do I know if I need permission to export my product?
  • What is a deemed export?
  • How do I obtain an export license?

If you would like to receive a link to join the trainings, please reach out to Terri Batch at Terri.Batch@trade.gov. Upon request, she will send a reoccurring meeting invite on your calendar for the WebEx platform training. The trainings will be recorded and will be made available to all participants. A courtesy reminder will be made at the upcoming Monthly Meeting with the National Network of Equities.